Soft buns

It’s all about the buns – soft, warm and delicious. This week I am working on the perfect buns and not the ones I sit on but the ones we love with our meals. I have three bun or roll recipes that I really love. My favorite are garlic rolls – like the ones you get at an Italian pizza place soft oily and garlicky. I am going to have to run an extra mile this week to burn these calories otherwise my own buns will be in trouble :[ . The garlic roll recipe is easy and it’s the same recipe I use for my homemade pizza dough – I will post the recipe with no pics. I already posted the recipe for buns or sandwich rolls – these are great for your burgers and/or sandwiches and you can really play with the recipe and add sesame seeds on the top or poppy seeds or even some dried onion pieces in the recipe for some flavor (yummy).  Later today I am planning on making yeast rolls and I will post the recipe once I have the pictures – that one is a southern style roll that is great with your meal. So off I go to start my crazy day. I will post some art – take the kids to the pool – make some buns and then run a few miles to burn my buns…


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